Come see us at the Alzheimer's Association International Conference, Jul. 28th-Aug. 1st, 2024 Booth #1042 Provider Info

Come see us at the Alzheimer's Association International Conference, Jul. 28th-Aug. 1st, 2024 Booth #1042 Provider Info

40 Hz Strobe Lights 

Learn the power of a 40 Hz strobe light for improving brain health. Our lamp is a richly-featured therapeutic solution that can easily incorporate into your daily routines to help trigger positive neurological responses. 

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Warning: Do not use EVY LIGHT® if you suffer from any of the following:

  • Photosensitive epilepsy (PSE)
  • Eye diseases
  • Severe migraines

It’s recommended to consult your physician before use if you have any concerns, especially if related to the above.

Whats included and set-up

$1,999.00 excl. TAX


The EVY Light 10-Year 100% Product Quality Guarantee
If your EVY Light has any technical issues within 10 years of your purchase date, just send it back to us and we’ll ship a replacement free of charge, no questions asked.

90-Day 100% Refund Policy
If you aren’t satisfied – for any reason – simply return the EVY Light within three months of your purchase date and we’ll refund 100% of the price you paid.

Free Shipping: We offer free standard shipping on all EVY LIGHT® orders.

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Dimensions 12 × 8 × 5.5 in

In stock

Payment Options
  • (4 interest-free payments)
    • 4 interest-free payments $499.75
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What is your brain health worth to you?

User-friendly strobe lamp with 40 Hz light to promote cognitive health

What does 40 Hz strobe light therapy with EVY LIGHT® look like?
Turn it on

Our 40 Hz LED strobe lamp should be placed on a flat surface like a table. Sit or stand 3 feet away and ensure the light it emits is within your field of vision. It is not necessary to look directly into the lamp in order to receive the benefits of the light.

Once a Day

Your sessions with EVY LIGHT® should last approximately one hour. Current research suggests this is the optimal exposure to the 40 Hz strobe light, so try to consistently aim for this session length to experience the potential benefits to your brain health.

Do it daily

It’s easy to incorporate your 40 HZ LED strobe light therapy into your daily routines. Bring EVY LIGHT® with you to work or switch it on while you eat, watch TV, or engage in any other indoor activity. You should have no problem carrying out a daily practice to enjoy cumulative results.

Experience the results

We designed EVY LIGHT® based on years of scientific and technological innovation, and there is a wealth of research and anecdotal evidence for the effectiveness of 40 Hz LED strobe light therapy. Take advantage of the EVY INSIGHT® app to track your usage and monitor your progress.

EVY LIGHT standing next to EVY INSIGHT APP displayed on iphone screen

Mental sharpness

Enhanced focus & clarity

Reduced brain fog

Drug-free & easy to use

Comfortable daily use

Increased reaction time

Tips for using our 40 Hz LED strobe lamp correctly

1. Find a good space

You can incorporate your light therapy with EVY LIGHT® into your daily activities. Find a comfortable space where you will be happy to sit for about an hour. Choose an activity to do, like reading or working, watching TV, or sipping your coffee.

2. Turn on your therapeutic lamp

For best results, position the EVY LIGHT® about 3 feet away from you. It is not necessary to look directly into the light throughout your therapy. Place it on a flat surface and switch the light on so that the light it emits is in your field of vision.

3. Engage in your chosen activity

Whatever you choose to do while using your bright light therapy lamp, start doing it. Whether you are meditating, reading, working, or anything else, try to remain within 3 feet of the EVY LIGHT®.

4. Finish your session

When you reach the end of your light therapy after 1 hour, the lamp will automatically switch off. Afterward, you can check the EVY LIGHT® Insight App for data about your usage. Try to engage in an hour of light therapy every day to get the best possible results.

Take advantage of the user-friendly companion app to track your journey with 40 Hz strobe light therapy

Personalize your 40 Hz LED strobe experience and track your usage as you go 

The EVY INSIGHT® app is a unique feature of our 40 Hz LED strobe light therapy lamp. This gives you greater control over your experience with the device. With a wireless connection, you can use it to personalize the settings with the light and track your usage, with data visualizations to monitor your progress. Take control of your journey towards potentially better brain health with a tailored experience and an automatic journal of sessions.

Customized Brightness Control

Experience Light Therapy at Your Pace

With the EVY INSIGHT® app, you’re in control of your journey to potentially better cognitive health. Our app seamlessly connects to your EVY LIGHT® device, allowing you to adjust the brightness that suits you best. Personalize your experience and enjoy the soothing effects of light therapy tailored to your preferences.

See Your Progress Unfold

Watch your progress with the EVY INSIGHT® app. Every session is a step forward, and our app helps you keep track. Check your daily usage and observe how far you’ve come in your routine. Celebrate your achievements, both big and small, as you work towards a brighter, healthier you.

Review and Reflect on Your Routine

Your journey towards better cognitive health is a story worth telling. With the EVY INSIGHT® app, you can access your usage history and see how your dedication has paid off. Gain insights into your routine and learn how you can continue to thrive. Your wellness story starts here.

INSIGHT App displayed on IPhone screen showing history progress

Video: Our cutting-edge 40 Hz LED strobe light therapy lamp built on scientific innovation

This video shows how EVY LIGHT® is built on the latest scientific research and technological excellence to deliver potential benefits to cognitive function and mental well-being. 

The science behind 40 Hz strobe light therapy

Your eye is a gateway to your brain

Your eye is like a gateway to your brain. Light can enter through your eye and change how your brain works, affecting your mood, energy, and focus.

The power of gamma brainwaves

Gamma brainwaves are associated with high-level brain activity and cognitive functioning. They are occur during activities such as concentration, physical exercise, and meditation.

Flashing light without uncomfortable flashes

Flashing light can stimulate your brain and activate gamma rhythms. OptoCeutics has developed a light technology to reduce the perceived flashing and provide a more pleasant experience, while still stimulating the brain.

Improve Sleep and Reduce Native Nighttime Activity

Patients receiving gamma sensory stimulation showed significantly reduced nighttime active periods 

Preservation of Cognition and Function

Patients in a Phase 2 trial experienced a significant slowing of decline in cognition and daily function compared to the control group 

Re-Synchronizing The Gammawave Connection

Research has shown that individuals with Alzheimer’s often exhibit disrupted gamma brainwave activity and that 40 Hz light helps resynchronize the gammawaves. 


Our strobe light, with its 40 Hz frequency and full-spectrum light, could help stave off cognitive decline. Prioritize your neural health by taking action now.


Take the wheel on your wellness journey with a 40 Hz strobe light to target your brain health. Introduce a new step into your efforts to be your best self.



Double down on your loved one’s cognitive health. 40 Hz LED strobe light therapy shows great promise for brain health, so harness it to protect those closest to you.

How our trailblazing 40 Hz LED strobe lamp compares to the competition


After Purchase Engagement

Stimulation Comfortability

Clinical Pipeline


EVY LIGHT standing next to EVY INSIGHT APP displayed on iphone screen
EVY Light®


Onboarding - Coach, Mobile App, Growing Community


Patented Invisible Spectral Flicker (ISF) Masked Light

Currently in Phase II






Intensive Strobe Light

No clinical trials


Vie Light




Infrared Light

Currently in Phase II

$1,799.00 - $31,168.00





Intensive Strobe Light

No Clinical trials


Congnito Therapeutics




Intensive Strobe Light

Currently in Phase III

Not Commercially Available

Why EVY LIGHT® works


Usage Tracking

a built-in usage tracking system allows for accurate measurements of your usage of the device to help you build healthy routines for better brain health.

6 Research Grade LEDs

The 6 Premium Quality LEDs in the device allow for extreme fine-tuning of the colors and brightness levels to ensure a perfectly matched color profile that allows you to get the most out of your EVY LIGHT®.

grandma and a girl reading a book


Our IOS/Android app allows for easy connection to EVY LIGHT® and allows seamless control of brightness settings and display of usage history.

young man reading using EVY LIGHT

Invisible Spectral Flicker

OptoCeutics’ patented technology invisible spectral flicker greatly reduces the perceived flicker of the light, allowing it to be integrated into everyday activities without the side effects usually observed with a strobe light.

40 Hz strobe light therapy: Investing in your neurological well-being


After Purchase Engagement

Stimulation Comfortability

Clinical Pipeline


EVY LIGHT standing next to EVY INSIGHT APP displayed on iphone screen
EVY Light®


Onboarding - Coach, Mobile App, Growing Community


Patented Invisible Spectral Flicker (ISF) Masked Light

Currently in Phase II






Intensive Strobe Light

No clinical trials


The EVY Light® 10-Year 100% Product Quality Guarantee 

If your EVY LIGHT® has any technical issues within 10 years of your purchase date, just send it back to us and we’ll ship a replacement free of charge, no questions asked. 

And don’t forget our three-month 100% Refund Policy:

Three-Month 100% Refund Policy

If you aren’t satisfied – for any reason – simply return the EVY LIGHT® within three months of your purchase date and we’ll refund 100% of the price you paid. 

A 40 Hz strobe light for the future 

2000s: Discovery of gamma brainwave stimulation

The stimulation of gamma brainwaves is possible. This discovery was made by researchers working with mice. They put electrodes into the brains and sent small currents to stimulate the desired neural activity. This drew the attention of the wider scientific community.

2009: A less invasive approach to light therapy

Moving on from electrodes, it was discovered that shining lasers into the eyes of mice could stimulate gamma brainwaves. A non-invasive approach was an important discovery in the journey towards human treatments, and laid the foundation for the eventual discovery of the benefits of 40 Hz strobe light.

2016: Blazing a trail toward lamps for gamma brainwave entrainment

Full-spectrum visible light became the next verified resource for triggering gamma brainwaves in mice. Tests showed impressive results and indicated tremendous potential for treatments to promote brain health in humans. This was a key discovery in the development of 40 Hz LED strobe lamps.

2018: Testing therapeutic light box therapy on humans

We discovered the potential of utilizing full-spectrum light in a strobe fashion at a frequency of 40 Hz. Testing on humans yielded great results and indicated enormous potential for this type of light therapy for neural well-being.

2022: A state-of-the-art solution

This was when OptoCeutics Technology patented the stimulation of gamma brainwaves with novel Invisible Spectral Flicker (ISF) on humans. EVY LIGHT® is a 40 Hz LED strobe lamp with full-spectrum light that incorporates a range of features for the end user. The tracking sensor, companion app, adjustable light setting, portability, and more are all great features to potentially experience life-changing results over time. Our product is future-proof and available now.

Meet Our Board of Directors

Optoceutics Team member Mai

Mai Nguyen, PhD

Optoceutics Team member Marcus

Marcus S. Carstensen, PhD


David Hardwick

Optoceutics Team member Vivienne Ming

Vivienne Ming, PhD

Optoceutics Team member Kaare Danielsen

Kaare Agerholm Danielsen, PhD

Optoceutics Team member Jes Broeng

Jes Broeng, PhD

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FAQs about light therapy lamps

Yes you can. In fact, it may complement other therapeutic techniques to improve brain health and cognitive function. However, it is wise to consult with your healthcare provider before getting started with your 40 Hz strobe light. They may be able to advise on the best way to incorporate that into your treatment plan for an optimal outcome.

Light therapy has its roots in the work of Danish physician Niels Ryberg Finsen in the early 20th century. Knowledge, methods, and technology have evolved greatly since then, with ongoing research and advancements discovering numerous applications for various types of light therapy.

There are a number of considerations that relate to this. Using a 40 Hz strobe light will have different effects depending on the length of the therapy sessions, the intensity of the device, and the severity of the condition. Not everyone will have the same experience, but EVY LIGHT® is a leading product on the market and on par with many devices used in clinical settings.

40 Hz light stimulation is a therapeutic approach that involves exposing individuals to light flickering at a frequency of 40 hertz (Hz), where the light pulsates on and off 40 times per second. This technique is primarily explored for its potential benefits in treating Alzheimer’s disease.

The key aspects of 40 Hz light stimulation include:

Gamma Rhythms Restoration: The therapy aims to stimulate the brain and restore gamma rhythms, which are important for cognitive functions and are often disrupted in Alzheimer’s patients.

Reduction in Alzheimer’s Pathology: Studies have shown that 40 Hz stimulation can reduce the levels of amyloid and tau proteins in the brain, which are hallmarks of Alzheimer’s pathology.

Improvement in Cognitive Functions: Preliminary studies indicate that this therapy can improve cognition and preserve synapses in Alzheimer’s patients.

Non-Invasive Nature: As a non-invasive therapy, it delivers sensory stimulation through light and sound, offering a safer alternative to more invasive treatments.

Potential for Widespread Application: Ongoing research and clinical trials are exploring the broader applicability and effectiveness of this therapy in treating Alzheimer’s disease.

Just like time can be measured in seconds, Hertz (or Hz) is the unit used to measure frequency. Frequency is the measure of how often an event occurs in time. Hertz describes how many times an event happens within 1 second. For example, 5 Hertz means that within 1 second 5 events happened.

In particular, the frequency measured in Hertz, defines how many times a wave oscillates per second.
EVY LIGHT ® operates at 40 Hz, which means that the light turns on/off 40 times per second. This flicker is almost invisible thanks to OptoCeutics ISF technology and is still able to activate the cells of the brain.

EVY LIGHT® differs from other 40 Hz light devices due to its unique blend of technology, design, and user experience, making it a cutting-edge choice in the field of brain health and wellness.

Here’s how:

ISF-Patented Technology: Unlike many other 40 Hz devices, EVY LIGHT® employs proprietary Invisible Spectral Flicker (ISF) technology, which alternates between two types of white colors so close in tone that when they flicker, you can barely see it, providing a smoother, more tolerable experience with brain stimulation.

Developed by Experts: The device is not just a product of engineering; it’s crafted by scientists and engineers who are directly involved in ongoing clinical trials. This involvement ensures that the product is constantly aligned with the latest scientific findings.

Advanced Tracking Features: EVY LIGHT® offers comprehensive usage and eye tracking. This isn’t just about usage; it’s about ensuring the effectiveness of entrainment or stimulation, a feature not commonly found in other devices.

Data Visualizations: The accompanying app provides detailed visualizations of historical performance and engagement, empowering users to monitor their progress and adjust their usage accordingly

Future-Ready Software: With a promise of more software features, EVY LIGHT positions itself as a device that evolves with time, offering continual improvements and updates.

Personalized Onboarding and Support: The inclusion of a dedicated client advocate for onboarding and ongoing support adds a personal touch, enhancing the user experience beyond the product itself.

Consistent Updates and Communication: Users stay informed and engaged through regular communications, including news, product, and feature updates.

Medical Device Standard Quality: The construction of EVY LIGHT with the highest quality materials to meet medical device standards ensures reliability and safety.

Modern Design: The contemporary design and finishes of EVY LIGHT make it not only a functional device but also a visually appealing addition to any setting.

The light is emitted from an array of LEDs. Each LED has a different color or dominant wavelength and their intensity is electronically regulated to produce the light as seen by the observer.

The light from the LED chip is combined together in the reflective light chamber and comes out of the diffusion screen as a warm white light.

The brightness of EVY LIGHT® does not exceed 400 lux at a 20 inches distance.

The luminous flux is between 100 lumen and 220 lumen. Comparative to a 15 watt incandescent light bulb.

Remember- the light intensity can be adjusted

The light emitted does not contain any UV-light nor Infrared light.

To date, OptoCeutics has completed two clinical trials in Alzheimer’s patients (ALZLIGHT pilot and ALZLIGHT Sll).

Our current research shows that our clinical trial device can entrain gamma activity in the brain, with no serious adverse event, and suggests a slowing of brain atrophy and functional and cognitive decline.

We are currently conducting the third stage of our clinical trials ALZLIGHT Slll) to conduct an extensive validation of the technology in collaboration with researchers from top universities and hospitals from both EU and US. At the moment, we are running two Clinical Trials ALZLIGHT SIII and FELIX. The above research is ongoing, and the product used for research is for investigational use only. Read more about our research here. 

Gamma waves are like a special kind of rhythm in your brain that helps different parts talk to each other. These waves are super fast, and they play a big role in how we think, remember things, and pay attention. Scientists are still trying to figure out exactly how these gamma waves work and why they’re so important for microglia, which are like the brain’s tiny guardians.

Gamma waves help different parts of your brain work together. It’s like when a band plays in sync; all the instruments come together to make a great song. This teamwork might help the microglia know where to go and what to do.

Microglia are like the cleanup crew of the brain. When there’s a lot of activity, like during gamma wave times, they get busy. They help clean up waste and protect the brain, kind of like how you might clean your room after a busy day.

If gamma waves get too wild or don’t work right, it could cause problems in the brain, like inflammation. Microglia jumps into action to try and fix these issues.

Microglia also helps reshape the brain, especially when we’re learning new things. Gamma waves might guide them in this work, like a construction buildplan that tells workers how to build a house. 

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