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Light Therapy Lamps To Wake Up 

The power of therapeutic lamps in a single, user-friendly solution. Enjoy immersion in a soothing glow aimed at triggering neurological responses for brain health.

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Warning: Do not use EVY LIGHT® if you suffer from any of the following:

  • Photosensitive epilepsy (PSE)
  • Eye diseases
  • Severe migraines

It’s recommended to consult your physician before use if you have any concerns, especially if related to the above.

Whats included and set-up

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The EVY Light 10-Year 100% Product Quality Guarantee
If your EVY Light has any technical issues within 10 years of your purchase date, just send it back to us and we’ll ship a replacement free of charge, no questions asked.

90-Day 100% Refund Policy
If you aren’t satisfied – for any reason – simply return the EVY Light within three months of your purchase date and we’ll refund 100% of the price you paid.

Free Shipping: We offer free standard shipping on all EVY LIGHT® orders.

Weight 2.25 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 8 × 5.5 in

In stock

Payment Options
  • (4 interest-free payments)
    • 4 interest-free payments $499.75
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You can’t put a price on a healthy brain

User-friendly light therapy lamp to sleep soundly, wake up easily and promote brain health

How does EVY LIGHT® deliver light therapy for sleep-wake cycles?
Turn it on

Our deluxe light therapy wake up lamp should be placed on a flat surface and you should position yourself 3 feet away from it. It is not necessary to look directly at the lamp; just ensure its light is in your field of vision and you will maximize your chances of experiencing the benefits of the light therapy.

Once a Day

All it takes is one session in your day, and the duration should be around one hour. According to the current research, this is the optimal amount of exposure to enjoy the full range of benefits from our light therapy lamp, including waking up more easily at the end of the night.

Do it daily

EVY LIGHT® is built to fit around your daily routines, whatever they may be. You can get your hour of light therapy from our lamp to promote a healthy sleep-wake cycle without stopping your normal activities. Switch the lamp on while you work, eat, watch TV, or sip a coffee. Just try to be consistent with your daily therapy.

Experience the results

The current science indicates there may be many neurological benefits to our light therapy lamp, and it may help you wake up more easily according to anecdotal reports from users. Take advantage of the EVY INSIGHTS® app to keep up with your progress.

EVY LIGHT standing next to EVY INSIGHT APP displayed on iphone screen

Mental sharpness

Enhanced focus & clarity

Reduced brain fog

Drug-free & easy to use

Comfortable daily use

Increased reaction time

The right way to use your light therapy wake up lamp

1. Find a good space

You can incorporate your light therapy with EVY LIGHT® into your daily activities. Find a comfortable space where you will be happy to sit for about an hour. Choose an activity to do, like reading or working, watching TV, or sipping your coffee.

2. Turn on your therapeutic lamp

For best results, position the EVY LIGHT® about 3 feet away from you. It is not necessary to look directly into the light throughout your therapy. Place it on a flat surface and switch the light on so that the light it emits is in your field of vision.

3. Engage in your chosen activity

Whatever you choose to do whilst using your bright light therapy lamp, start doing it. Whether you are meditating, reading, working, or anything else, try to remain within 3 feet of the EVY LIGHT®.

4. Finish your session

When you reach the end of your light therapy after 1 hour, switch off the lamp. Afterward, you can check the EVY LIGHT® Insight App for data about your usage. Try to engage in an hour of light therapy every day to get the best possible results.

Our user-friendly app helps you track your progress when using our light therapy lamp to wake up your cognitive potential 

Personalize your journey with EVY LIGHT® for a light therapy wake up experience that works for you

The EVY INSIGHTS® app is one of several unique features of our light therapy lamp for easier waking up. With the app, you can modify the brightness and other features of your experience via a wireless connection. You can also use it to track progress and keep a comprehensive record of your sessions. Make our sleep and wake-up light therapy lamp work for your unique needs.

Customized Brightness Control

Experience Light Therapy at Your Pace

With the EVY INSIGHT® app, you’re in control of your journey to better cognitive health. Our app seamlessly connects to your EVY LIGHT® device, allowing you to adjust the brightness that suits you best. Personalize your experience and enjoy the soothing effects of light therapy tailored to your preferences.

See Your Progress Unfold

Watch your progress with the EVY INSIGHT® app. Every session is a step forward, and our app helps you keep track. Check your daily usage and observe how far you’ve come in your routine. Celebrate your achievements, both big and small, as you work towards a brighter, healthier you.

Review and Reflect on Your Routine

Your journey towards better cognitive health is a story worth telling. With the EVY INSIGHT® app, you can access your usage history and see how your dedication has paid off. Gain insights into your routine and learn how you can continue to thrive. Your wellness story starts here.

INSIGHT App displayed on IPhone screen showing history progress

Video: Light therapy for sleep and wake cycles with our innovative lamp

In this video, learn more about the recent discoveries about how certain light frequencies may enhance cognitive function and overall mental well-being. 

The science behind light therapy wake up lamps 

Your eye is a gateway to your brain

Your eye is like a gateway to your brain. Light can enter through your eye and change how your brain works, affecting your mood, energy, and focus.

The power of gamma brainwaves

Gamma brainwaves are associated with high-level brain activity and cognitive functioning. They are occur during activities such as concentration, physical exercise, and meditation.

Flashing light without uncomfortable flashes

Flashing light can stimulate your brain and activate gamma rhythms. OptoCeutics has developed a light technology to reduce the perceived flashing and provide a more pleasant experience, while still stimulating the brain.

Improve Sleep and Reduce Native Nighttime Activity

Patients receiving gamma sensory stimulation showed significantly reduced nighttime active periods 

Preservation of Cognition and Function

Patients in a Phase 2 trial experienced a significant slowing of decline in cognition and daily function compared to the control group 

Re-Synchronizing The Gammawave Connection

Research has shown that individuals with Alzheimer’s often exhibit disrupted gamma brainwave activity and that 40 Hz light helps resynchronize the gammawaves.


Improve your sleep and wake up cycles with our light therapy lamp to prioritize neural health and cognitive function. This could help stave off neurological issues like cognitive decline.


Extend your efforts into overall well-being with a light therapy lamp for sleep-wake cycles. The neurological benefits of our device could help you be more effective in becoming your best self.



Take affirmative action for your loved one’s cognitive health. This is more than just a light therapy lamp to wake up - it may help with the cognitive health of someone of advanced age, protecting their well-being.

Why our innovative light therapy wake up lamp stands out from the crowd 


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