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Transform Your Brain Health With Science
Meet the revolutionary brain stimulation device that uses the power of light to activate your gamma brainwaves. Paired with our free app, you can track the impact EVY LIGHT® has in your daily routine.

60-Day Money Back Guarantee: We are so confident you will experience all the benefits that EVY LIGHT® has to offer that we launched our 60-day money-back guarantee to allow our customers to be able to try it and incorporate it into their lives with zero risk. Don’t love it? We want to know and will strive to make things right.

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    7 reviews for EVY LIGHT ® USA

    1. Tina C.

      EVY is ON for the majority of the day while I work from home. At first it bothered me to adjust because it was so new, but now not only does it no longer bother me – it bothers me when I don’t have it when I’m working. It’s absolutely beneficial – I can lock into focus easier and quicker to finish tasks I need to do, plus I’ve noticed it’s helped reduce my jet-lag from timezone shifts. And a surprising long term effect… I’ve noticed the easing of my depression symptoms after consistent use.

    2. Carrie W

      EVYLight has changed how I work and my ability to stay focused for longer periods of time.

    3. Hiroko C.

      So happy! I use it every morning – meditating, reading, knitting, or watching TV. My doctor has been so impressed with my memory and energy that he told me whatever I was doing, to keep doing it. I’m 86 years young! I really think it’s the machine that’s helping me. I even tested this by memorizing all of my family’s cell phone numbers. No issues at all, and something I don’t think I could have done a year ago. I also always have a harder time with subtraction compared to addition, but my subtracting has improved. Thank you so much for the light!

    4. Phillip C.

      Product quality is top-notch. Daily use is surprisingly beneficial. I appreciate the energy and focus boost it gives me, especially in long virtual meetings. Plus, customer service is outstanding. I honestly can’t recommend OC and EVY enough.

    5. Jon A

      I gave this to my mom as we have dementia in the family. She loves it.

    6. Maria C.

      I use OptoCeutics’ light everyday at work! It’s the first thing I turn on and the last thing I turn off. It sits right under my computer and I swear it helps me type faster. I work as a high school so between calls, parents, and kids, sometimes my day can feel hectic. But since using the light I feel my state of mind is calmer than usual. The effects are subtle yet surprising. This has to be one of the easiest and low-risk things to use for brain health. If you’re considering it, do some research and you won’t be disappointed with OptoCeutics.

    7. cbj

      I use it every day at work to get into flow state. The EVY LIGHT in combination with a good cup of coffee and I feel unstoppable. It has really a gamechanger for my productivity level!

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