We have started our clinical study for Alzheimer’s


Study on Safety, Feasibility and Neural Activation of Non-Invasive Light Therapy System


Recent studies in mice have shown promising results indicating that induction of gamma oscillation at 40 Hz leads to a reduction in amyloid-β an tau in mice models of Alzheimer’s disease (1-4). This study will use flickering light to induce 40 Hz gamma oscillation as the previously mentioned studies.

More specifically, this study will utilize a novel way of masking the light by alternating the spectral composition of a white light, rendering the flicker invisible to the conscience perception while still entraining 40 Hz oscillations in the brain.

In this trial, subject will be exposed to invisible spectral flickering light (active setting) or continuous non-flickering white light (sham setting) for 1 hour each day. The sham setting is a high quality sham intervention as subjects will be blinded to the setting, both appears as white light.

The trial will take place at Zealand University Hospital, Denmark. It is expected to commence in January 2021 and run till September 2023.

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