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Brain Disorders Affect Over One Billion People Worldwide

Mental and neurological disorders ranging from migraines to depression and dementia affect over 1 billion people worldwide, and the toll will rise as the population ages. Due to strong stigma, lack of treatment options, and medication side effects, most people are left suffering.

It’s time to transform brain health — advancing health solutions to support everyone on the planet in achieving higher quality of life.

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Non-invasive 40 Hz Neurostimulation as a Tool for Better Brain Health

It has been demonstrated that light flickering at 40 Hz effectively entrains gamma waves in the human brain. These waves are correlated with large brain network activity and have an impact on cognition, memory and mood.

Our novel technology, EVY LIGHT, is designed to maximize comfort and efficacy by eliminating the perceived flicker from 40 Hz light whilst retaining the intended stimulus in the brain.

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Investigating Gamma Brain Waves for Alzheimer’s Disease

OptoCeutics is currently conducting clinical studies to investigate the potential therapeutical effects of masked 40 Hz flickering light on Alzheimer’s disease patients.

DISCLAIMER: All devices used in trials are considered investigational devices and limited to investigational use only.

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