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Benefits of daily use*


Active Learning

Attention and focus

*The stated benefits are non-medical. The studies so far are based on correlational relationship between increased gamma brainwaves and such benefits. Further investigation must be done to determine causal relationships.


A different approach to

targeting the lack of gamma brainwaves

Healthy Aging

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Comfortable and easy-to-use brain stimulation device to support and improve your brain performance.

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EVY LIGHT® is a patented technology.
Our technology is backed by science and undergoing clinical trials.

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Your Safety & Comfort First

EVY LIGHT ® is a novel technology designed to enhance your concentration and alleviate brain fog, without causing discomfort to your eyes or ears, and without the use of electrical stimulation.

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EVY LIGHT ® is rooted in science, tech & care

EVY LIGHT ® is your ultimate wellness device! But that’s not all –
we’re on a mission to revolutionize healthcare.


Our cutting-edge technology could be the key to solving a wide range of brain disorders.

Participate in research

Our focus is on investing greatly in clinical research whilst making the technology available for everyone.

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We are proud to collaborate with world class clinical and institutional partners who share our vision. They are an integral part of our community and their expertise help us continually innovate and grow.

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It is also possible to get a short EEG scan to see your own brain response.

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We also conduct our own research. Contact us to take part in our clinical trials. Read about our current studies ALZ SII and FELIX

Can Light-Based Brain Stimulation Help Us Boost Our Brainpower?

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