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Rohs light therapy lamps

Your one-stop solution lies in the power of a single therapeutic lamp. Immerse yourself in the lamp’s soothing glow, which is rohs compliant, to assist with cognitive brain function while enhancing your overall well-being

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Warning: Do not use EVY LIGHT® if you suffer from any of the following:

  • Photosensitive epilepsy (PSE)
  • Eye diseases
  • Severe migraines

It’s recommended to consult your physician before use if you have any concerns, especially if related to the above.

Whats included and set-up

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The EVY Light 10-Year 100% Product Quality Guarantee
If your EVY Light has any technical issues within 10 years of your purchase date, just send it back to us and we’ll ship a replacement free of charge, no questions asked.

90-Day 100% Refund Policy
If you aren’t satisfied – for any reason – simply return the EVY Light within three months of your purchase date and we’ll refund 100% of the price you paid.

Free Shipping: We offer free standard shipping on all EVY LIGHT® orders.

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A healthy brain is priceless

The rohs light therapy lamp assists in promoting mental health and cognitive function through our compliant rohs bright light therapy.

What makes rohs light therapy work?
Switch it on

Place the rohs-compliant therapeutic lamp on a level surface (e.g., a desk or a table). Ensure that you are located at least two feet away from the light to achieve optimal results.

Use it once a day

It is recommended to use the rohs light therapy for at least 60 minutes a day. Research shows that consistent usage of light therapy may be optimal for brain health and cognitive function.

Utilize it everyday

You can use the rohs EVY LIGHT® daily. This can be easily incorporated into your daily activities, such as reading, eating, writing, or any non-strenuous activity. Allocate an hour to achieve optimal results.

Experience best results with rohs light therapy lamp

Reports show extensive scientific research supporting the effectiveness of light therapy lamps. Our lamps are rohs compliant, meaning they do not use certain hazardous substances.

EVY LIGHT standing next to EVY INSIGHT APP displayed on iphone screen

Mental sharpness

Enhanced focus & clarity

Reduced brain fog

Drug-free & easy to use

Comfortable daily use

Increased reaction time

What is the correct way to use the rohs EVY LIGHT® therapy lamp? 

1. Select a convenient spot

You will only need at least an hour in front of the light. Ensure that the rohs therapy lamp is placed near your face so that the light can reach your eyes. Do not worry, our devices are rohs-compliant, so this can be done while enjoying your favourite activities such as sitting, reading, listening to music, scrolling through your phone, or even knitting.

2. Click the button in front of the lamp.

All you need to do is switch on the rohs light therapy lamp and place it at least three to six feet away from you.

3. Select any activity of your choice

It is recommended to establish a routine while using the rohs bright light therapy lamp. This can be done while preparing meals, using your laptop, or engaging in any convenient activity.

4. Use it for an hour

The light therapy session will automatically turn off after an hour. You can review your usage history by accessing the EVY LIGHT® Insight App.

Our device comes with a user-friendly app that tracks your usage  

Access and manage your information by using our personalized app. 

For an enhanced brain health journey, please download the EVY LIGHT® Insight app for light therapy. With this app, you can control the brightness of your light and update your daily routine, all in one place.

Customized Brightness Control

Experience Light Therapy at Your Pace

With the EVY INSIGHT® app, you’re in control of your journey to potentially better cognitive health. Our app seamlessly connects to your EVY LIGHT® device, allowing you to adjust the brightness that suits you best. Personalize your experience and enjoy the soothing effects of light therapy tailored to your preferences.

See Your Progress Unfold

Watch your progress with the EVY INSIGHT® app. Every session is a step forward, and our app helps you keep track. Check your daily usage and observe how far you’ve come in your routine. Celebrate your achievements, both big and small, as you work towards a brighter, healthier you.

Review and Reflect on Your Routine

Your journey towards better cognitive health is a story worth telling. With the EVY INSIGHT® app, you can access your usage history and see how your dedication has paid off. Gain insights into your routine and learn how you can continue to thrive. Your wellness story starts here.

INSIGHT App displayed on IPhone screen showing history progress

Innovative and scientific state-of-the-art light therapy lamp 

This video provides information that explains how light patterns and frequencies have the potential to enhance brain function while promoting overall health.  

What is the science of using 40 Hz light therapy devices? 

Your eye is a gateway to your brain

Your eye is like a gateway to your brain. Light can enter through your eye and change how your brain works, affecting your mood, energy, and focus.

The power of gamma brainwaves

Gamma brainwaves are associated with high-level brain activity and cognitive functioning. They are occur during activities such as concentration, physical exercise, and meditation.

Flashing light without uncomfortable flashes

Flashing light can stimulate your brain and activate gamma rhythms. OptoCeutics has developed a light technology to reduce the perceived flashing and provide a more pleasant experience, while still stimulating the brain.

Improve Sleep and Reduce Native Nighttime Activity

Patients receiving gamma sensory stimulation showed significantly reduced nighttime active periods 

Preservation of Cognition and Function

Patients in a Phase 2 trial experienced a significant slowing of decline in cognition and daily function compared to the control group 

Re-Synchronizing The Gammawave Connection

Research has shown that individuals with Alzheimer’s often exhibit disrupted gamma brainwave activity and that 40 Hz light helps resynchronize the gammawaves. 

Get better with age

For those interested in prevention rather than cure, the rohs light therapy lamp is the solution. Using our devices for an hour a day may enhance cognitive well-being and clarity. By improving the quality of your life, it allows for more quality time with your loved ones.

Health and well-being

If you are someone who strives to maintain a healthy lifestyle despite your hectic schedule, then look no further. Our therapeutic light box is designed to help you sustain a healthy and vibrant lifestyle.


Give the gift of health to your loved ones

For those interested in enhancing the quality of life for your loved ones, our light therapy box will serve you well. It helps enhance cognitive function, which increases mental health and well-being while giving you peace of mind.

Have a look at our patented rohs light therapy lamp and see why it stands out from our competitors. 


After Purchase Engagement

Stimulation Comfortability

Clinical Pipeline


EVY LIGHT standing next to EVY INSIGHT APP displayed on iphone screen
EVY Light®


Onboarding - Coach, Mobile App, and Growing Community


Patented Invisible Spectral Flicker (ISF) Masked Light

Currently in Phase II






Intensive Strobe Light

No clinical trials


Vie Light




Infrared Light

Currently in Phase II

$1,799.00 - $3,168.00





Intensive Strobe Light

No Clinical trials


Congnito Therapeutics




Intensive Strobe Light

Currently in Phase III

Not Commercially Available

What are the functions that make the rohs light therapy lamp stand out? 


Usage Tracking

a built-in usage tracking system allows for accurate measurements of your usage of the device to help you build healthy routines for better brain health.

6 Research Grade LEDs

The 6 Premium Quality LEDs in the device allow for extreme fine-tuning of the colors and brightness levels to ensure a perfectly matched color profile that allows you to get the most out of your EVY LIGHT®.

grandma and a girl reading a book


Our IOS/Android app allows for easy connection to EVY LIGHT® and allows seamless control of brightness settings and display of usage history.

young man reading using EVY LIGHT

Invisible Spectral Flicker

OptoCeutics’ patented technology invisible spectral flicker greatly reduces the perceived flicker of the light, allowing it to be integrated into everyday activities without the side effects usually observed with a strobe light.

Investing in rohs light therapy lamp adds value to your mental well-being. 


After Purchase Engagement

Stimulation Comfortability

Clinical Pipeline


EVY LIGHT standing next to EVY INSIGHT APP displayed on iphone screen
EVY Light®


Onboarding - Coach, Mobile App, Growing Community


Patented Invisible Spectral Flicker (ISF) Masked Light

Currently in Phase II






Intensive Strobe Light

No clinical trials


The EVY Light® 10-Year 100% Product Quality Guarantee 

If your EVY LIGHT® has any technical issues within 10 years of your purchase date, just send it back to us and we’ll ship a replacement free of charge, no questions asked. 

And don’t forget our three-month 100% Refund Policy:

Three-Month 100% Refund Policy

If you aren’t satisfied – for any reason – simply return the EVY LIGHT® within three months of your purchase date and we’ll refund 100% of the price you paid. 

Rohs light therapy lamp will always be current. 

Gamma waves were first used for stimulation in the 2000s.

Research was conducted by sending small voltages of gamma waves into mice, which showed brain changes within a few weeks. These results garnered the attention of the scientific community, providing a platform for further tests to explore the potential effects of gamma waves on brain changes.

Light therapy was discovered to be a non-invasive medical method in 2009.

Experiments conducted on mice showed that light therapy may reduce harmful effects on the brain. Light-induced gamma wave stimulation demonstrated improvements in mice, leading to the deduction that this non-invasive method may apply to humans. The future of brain technology holds promise, as this method is non-intrusive and safe.

A new path towards gamma waves light therapy lamps was established in 2016.

The year 2016 marked the beginning of a new pathway for using visible light to stimulate gamma brainwaves. Experiments conducted on mice showed that an hour a day was sufficient to potentially reduce harmful proteins in the brain. This set the trajectory for more targeted brain health interventions, further enhancing the scope of light box therapy.

Non-invasive light box therapy was conducted on humans in 2018.

Gamma brainwaves were used at 40 Hz using visible light. This experiment, conducted on humans, demonstrated some potential effects of this light therapy on brain health.

The future of light therapy in 2022

2022 was a breakthrough year for OptoCeutics Technology, introducing a patent utilizing Novel Invisible Spectral Flicker (ISF), which is rohs compliant. By employing 40 Hz light therapy to stimulate gamma brainwaves, this technology distinguishes itself from others. It includes an app with tracking features and adjustable lights, enhancing device usage efficiency.

Meet Our Board of Directors

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What happens when your brain network fails?

Here are some FAQs about rohs light therapy lamps 

Yes, our light therapy lamp utilizes a patent that is rohs compliant. It meets environmental standards by reducing hazardous substances, as it employs 40 Hz light therapy to stimulate gamma brainwaves. Therefore, it offers a sustainable approach to enhancing cognitive function and overall well-being. 

We are still assessing the potential of using light therapy lamps. As research is ongoing, it would be premature to provide any information. However, using light therapy lamps may have a significant impact on your mental well-being. 

Cognitive behaviours such as learning and memory retention are linked to gamma waves. Delta frequencies are found during states of calmness and sleep. Alpha brainwaves are associated with moments of increased creativity, while beta brainwaves are linked to focus and attention. 

40 Hz light stimulation is a therapeutic approach that involves exposing individuals to light flickering at a frequency of 40 hertz (Hz), where the light pulsates on and off 40 times per second. This technique is primarily explored for its potential benefits in treating Alzheimer’s disease. 

The key aspects of 40 Hz light stimulation include: 

Gamma Rhythms Restoration: The therapy aims to stimulate the brain and restore gamma rhythms, which are important for cognitive functions and are often disrupted in Alzheimer’s patients. 

Reduction in Alzheimer’s Pathology: Studies have shown that 40 Hz stimulation can reduce the levels of amyloid and tau proteins in the brain, which are hallmarks of Alzheimer’s pathology. 

Improvement in Cognitive Functions: Preliminary studies indicate that this therapy can improve cognition and preserve synapses in Alzheimer’s patients. 

Non-Invasive Nature: As a non-invasive therapy, it delivers sensory stimulation through light and sound, offering a safer alternative to more invasive treatments.

Potential for Widespread Application: Ongoing research and clinical trials are exploring the broader applicability and effectiveness of this therapy in treating Alzheimer’s disease.  

EVY LIGHT® primarily focuses on gamma brainwave stimulation rather than directly influencing circadian rhythms and sleep patterns. Gamma brainwave stimulation involves exposing the brain to specific rhythms of light, like 40 Hz, to potentially enhance cognitive function and alleviate certain neurological conditions.

While EVY LIGHT® may indirectly impact sleep and circadian rhythms by affecting neurotransmitters like serotonin and melatonin, its primary aim is not specifically tailored for managing sleep disorders or circadian rhythm disturbances. The device is designed to stimulate brainwave activity and is not primarily intended for regulating sleep patterns or circadian rhythms. Therefore, its effect on sleep and circadian rhythms might be secondary or incidental compared to its primary goal of cognitive enhancement.

It should be noted that recent studies using a 40 Hz light flicker on an Alzheimer’s disease (AD) mouse model showed promising results for improving disrupted sleep patterns and internal body clocks (circadian rhythms). This light appeared to positively affect the natural rhythm of activities like sleep-wake cycles. It influenced specific genes related to regulating our internal body clock and helped the brain’s “timekeeper” function better. These changes might suggest a potential therapy for sleep problems. Current research is still exploring how this could be applied to the broader audience and whether similar effects would be seen. 

The expected service life for EVY LIGHT® is 5 000 hours of normal use.

The daily expected operating time is 60 minutes (1 hour). 

No, users do not have to look directly at the device to receive stimulation. The device should be placed so the light from the device has access to your eyes.
Data suggest that using the device consistently for the recommended 60 minutes is more important than looking directly at the device.

It is therefore key to find a daily routine that naturally incorporates the device in you every day. 

We recommend placing the device within the field of your vision at approximately an arm’s reach of you.

It is important that the light can access your eyes. You can turn up the brightness if you place it far from you and turn it down when placing it very near. Adjust the brightness to make sure the light is comfortable.

Internal testing has shown brain stimulation at up to 6 feet (2 meters). 

On average, users report noticeable effects within 4 to 6 weeks.

There have been cases in which users have experienced an effect earlier or later than the 4-6 weeks timespan.
We can not guarantee users to feel an effect after a certain amount of time.

All individuals and brains are different. 

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