Rent EVY LIGHT ® (Only in Denmark)

395,00 kr. incl. VAT on the 1st of each month

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EVY LIGHT ® is a light-based brain stimulation device designed for the activation of gamma brainwaves. It is intended to be used in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle to promote mental acuity.

Easy to use
Highly comfortable & flexible
Truly non-invasive


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NB This rental model is only available in Denmark.

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DISCLAIMER: OptoCeutics does not claim that the light has any effect on Alzheimer’s Disease, nor is the product approved for treatment of any other disease.


What happens if i return the device with some damages (scratches, dents, etc.)?

Upon return, the device will be examined for damages, and an amount of your deposit kept to cover cost of repairing the damages or replacing parts.

How will my monthly payments be made?

When you sign up for the rental model, your credit card will be put on file and will automatically be charged each month.

What if I want to buy the device after having used it for a couple of months?

At any point in time, you have the option to purchase and own your EVY LIGHT by paying the difference to the full price. Monthly rent already paid to date is counted as a discount towards your purchase of the EVY LIGHT. This discount goes up to a maximum of 1950 DKK, equal to five (5) months of payment

For example, two (2) months of subscription is DKK 790 off a new EVY LIGHT®; anything five (5) months or longer is DKK 1975 off a new EVY LIGHT®.

You can send an email to with your name and device number with a request to buy your device free of the rental model.

How can i cancel my rental agreement?

You can write an email to with your name and device number and we will stop your payments as soon as the device is returned to us.

How will I return the device if I cancel my rental agreement?

You can either ship the device back to us (address: Gammel Kongevej 1, 4 tv., 1610 Copenhagen) or come by our offices and drop it off yourself.

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Technical data

Weight 2,25 kg
Dimensions 30 × 19,8 × 13 cm
Space clearance

300 mm x 250 mm x 200 mm
(during use)

Product Classification

Externally powered
(Class II protection)

Electrical ratings

External AC/DC power adapter
12 VDC
3.3 ADC

Lighting elements


Light wavelengths

Only visible light from 410 nm to 710 nm
No infra-red
No ultra-violet

Lighting brightness

Nominal 2700 cd/m2
(<10.000 cd/m2 in all use cases)

Approx. 6000 lux at surface
Approx. 1500 lux at 20 cm
Approx. 500 lux at 50 cm
Approx. 400 lux at 100 cm

Radio Frequency Band

2402 ~2480 MHz (Wifi)
5180 ~5775 MHz (Wifi)

Operations conditions

+5 ~ +35°C
15 ~ 90% relative humidity,
without water vapour
Atmospheric Pressure of 700 ~
1060 hPa

Storage conditions

-5 ~ +45°C
< 90% relative humidity,
without water vapour

Ingress Protection Class

IP 20 (keep dry)