Melissa's Transformation



Witness Melissa's Story

Meet Melissa, a devoted daughter and proactive individual, whose life was transformed by EVY LIGHT®. Like many, Melissa faced the fear of cognitive decline, having witnessed its impact on her loved ones. Her journey is not just a story; it's a shared experience among mothers and daughters grappling with similar concerns. Dive into Melissa’s personal narrative and discover how EVY LIGHT® provided more than just hope—it delivered tangible improvements.
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Your brain health is worth investing in

Experiencing the EVY LIGHT® Difference

Melissa's daily routine with EVY LIGHT® brought profound changes to her life. From disrupted sleep patterns to concerns about her mental sharpness, EVY LIGHT® turned the tide.
Melissa experienced:
  • Enhanced sleep quality, waking up refreshed and ready for the day.
  • Improved mental clarity and focus, making everyday tasks more manageable and enjoyable.
  • Increased sense of well-being and reduced anxiety about the future.
These benefits are not just Melissa’s experiences; they’re reflections of EVY LIGHT®'s potential impact on your life.

The Science of Transformation

EVY LIGHT® stands on solid scientific ground, using light therapy to stimulate gamma brainwaves, crucial for cognitive functions. This non-invasive, innovative technology has the potential to revolutionize how we approach cognitive health.

Get the EVY LIGHT® advantage

EVY LIGHT product placed horizontally with slight tilt on a light background

Easy To Use

Use while doing other activities like eating, watching TV or playing games.


No pills to swallow or clunky eyewear.


Our patented light technology smooths the flickering, so it greatly improves tolerability.

Rooted in Research

EVY LIGHT was designed by scientists and is founded on academic and clinical research.

make the best of your daily routine

How Does EVY LIGHT® Work?

Turn it on, Once a day, Every Day

Place on a flat surface, 2 feet away. Use while reading, watching TV, playing games or any other activity.

Customize the Brightness

Personalize your experience by adjusting the brightness that suits you best.

Track Daily Progress

Every session is a step forward and our app helps you keep track and gain insights into your routine and learn how to thrive.

What our EVY LIGHT® Community is saying

Everyone has a story.
See how EVY LIGHT® is improving lives

Get the free guide on how to keep your brain healthy

Learn about gamma brainwaves, the power of light science and actions you can take now to better your brain's future.

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    EVY LIGHT ® Is Your Ultimate Brain
    Wellness Device

    Comfortable Daily Use, Drug Free to Promote Focus, Clarity, and Mental Sharpness.

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    Get exclusive content straight from the scientists who are rooting for you and your brain.

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