OptoCeutics EVY LIGHT®

Enhance your brain performance through the power of light

Your brain health is worth the investing in

Comfortable and easy-to-use 40 Hz light therapy to support and improve your brain function

How do you use EVY LIGHT®?
Turn it on

Place on a flat surface, 60 cm away. No need to look directly into the light.

Once a Day

One hour a day is enough to start increasing your brain health.

Every day

Use it when you’re eating, working, watching TV, or just about anywhere.

Experience results

Use the EVY Light® Insight App to track your usage and see your history.

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Witness what others have experienced

Giving power back to the ones you love.

Unlock your full mental potential and achieve a sharper mind by activating your gamma brainwaves in combination with maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

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Understanding the science

Your eye is a gateway to your brain

Your eye is like a gateway to your brain. Light can enter through your eye and change how your brain works, affecting your mood, energy, and focus.

The power of gamma brainwaves

Gamma brainwaves are associated with high-level brain activity and cognitive functioning. They are occur during activities such as concentration, physical exercise, and meditation.

Flashing light without uncomfortable flashes

Flashing light can stimulate your brain and activate gamma rhythms. OptoCeutics has developed a light technology to reduce the perceived flashing and provide a more pleasant experience, while still stimulating the brain.


Trackable data and impact through our easy-to-use app 

Unlock Your Path to a Brighter Mind with:
Customized Brightness Control

Experience Light Therapy at Your Pace

With the EVY INSIGHT® app, you’re in control of your journey to better cognitive health. Our app seamlessly connects to your EVY LIGHT® device, allowing you to adjust the brightness that suits you best. Personalize your experience and enjoy the soothing effects of light therapy tailored to your preferences.

See Your Progress Unfold

Watch your progress with the EVY INSIGHT® app. Every session is a step forward, and our app helps you keep track. Check your daily usage and observe how far you’ve come in your routine. Celebrate your achievements, both big and small, as you work towards a brighter, healthier you.

Review and Reflect on Your Routine

Your journey towards better cognitive health is a story worth telling. With the EVY INSIGHT® app, you can access your usage history and see how your dedication has paid off. Gain insights into your routine and learn how you can continue to thrive. Your wellness story starts here.

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Get exclusive content straight from the scientists who are rooting for you and your brain.

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    EVY LIGHT ® Is Your Ultimate Brain
    Wellness Device

    Comfortable Daily Use, Drug Free to Promote Focus, Clarity, and Mental Sharpness.

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    Get exclusive content straight from the scientists who are rooting for you and your brain.

      Be the first to know about new developments from your favorite products
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