Masked 40 Hz Light

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NSS is a non-invasive medical device designed for neurostimulation and brainwave entrainment.


Optoceutics has devised a unique, patent-protected method to stimulate the human visual receptors and processing cortex through alternating white lights of different wave lengths, which neutralizes the visible flicker from normal stroboscopic 40 Hz light, without losing the stimulating effect on the brain.



Our light flickers with mixed colours, such that the flashing becomes undetectable to the eye while still retaining the intended stimulus in the brain.


We use eye tracking data to measure, evaluate, and give you feedback on usage. This technology allows for unique insights into your behaviors and progress.


The lamps have a unique, functional and timeless design. All manufactured and designed in Denmark.

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40 Hz Masked Light

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Yderligere information

Vægt2.25 kg
Størrelse300 × 198 × 130 cm
Product Classification

Externally powered (Class II protection)

Electrical ratings

External AC/DC power adapter
12 VDC
3.3 ADC max

Lighting elements


Light wavelenght

Only visible light. No ultra-violet. No infra-red.

Lighting brightness

Nominal 1875 cd/m2
(<10.000 cd/m2 in all use cases)

Approximately 4650 lux at surface
Approximately 200 lux at 50 cm
Approximately 60 lux at 100 cm

Radio frequency bands

2402 ~2480 MHz (Wifi & BT(LE))
5180 ~5775 MHz (Wifi)

Operation conditions

+5 ~ +35ºC
15 ~ 90% relative humidity,
without water vapour condensation
Atmospheric Pressure of 700 ~
1060 hPa

Storage Conditions

-5 ~ +45ºC
< 90% relative humidity,
without water vapour condensation