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 What is Brain Stimulation?

The human brain has around 100 billion neurons, and together they form circuits, and the circuits form networks. To drive normal brain function these networks communicate at certain frequencies, ranging from delta brainwaves (2 Hz) to gamma brainwaves (40 Hz).

Gamma brainwaves, in particular, are among others involved in working memory and attention. External stimulations such as flashing lights to the eyes, at these 40 Hz frequencies, can stimulate the brainwaves.

EVY LIGHT ® entrains your brain with masked 40 Hz Light to stimulate and activate gamma brain waves.

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How it looks

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How it works

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Our Technology

To reduce the discomfort associated with flashing lights, we have engineered a cutting edge technology to “mask” the flicker, so that the naturally occurring flashing from 40 Hz light becomes undetectable by the eye, while still retaining the intended stimulus for the brain.

Instead of flashing between the light being ON and OFF, EVY LIGHT ® alternates between two different combinations of colors, that together form a continuous light. 

EVY LIGHT ® is easy to use !

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EVY LIGHT ® can also be used in connection with several everyday activities as shown below.

Use scenarios


Our App Will Help You Track Your Progress
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Maximize your brain stimulation experience with OPTOINSIGHT ®

> Customize the brightness of the lamp

> Optimize the masked light according to your personal preferences

> Track your usage of the device

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