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Here you can BUY or RENT EVY LIGHT ®:
OptoCeutics’ light-based brain stimulation device for the activation of gamma brainwaves.

Highly comfortable and flexible brain stimulation technology
Safe and effective – currently in clinical trials
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We believe in our technology and it is very important for us that you will be completely satisfied. This is why we offer a 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee period on EVY LIGHT ® (not incl. payment processing fees and cost of return shipping).


Maintain the love of your new EVY LIGHT ® with complimentary maintenance to keep it in optimal condition. We check your device’s health and performance free of charge every 2 years to ensure it’s calibrated precisely to 40 Hz and there’s no hardware problem.

To learn more, read the user manual here: [ Link ]

DISCLAIMER: OptoCeutics does not claim that the light has any effect on Alzheimer’s Disease, nor is the product approved for treatment of any other disease.

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EVY LIGHT ® is easy to use !

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EVY LIGHT ® can also be used in connection with several everyday activities as shown below.

Use scenarios

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A class I medical device

Includes printed user manual in ENG or DK

Tested according to IEC 60601 for electrical medical device safety

Made in Denmark

⚠ DO NOT use the device if you suffer from photosensitive epilepsy

Consult your physician before use if:

    1. You are highly photosensitive (Photophobia)
    2. You have a history of migraines
    3. You suffer from any neurological conditions
    4. You have any eye diseases (glaucoma, retinitis, retinopathy, or macular degeneration)
    5. You suffer from bipolar disorder

Why do I need to consult my physician?

We recommend always having ongoing contact with your physician if you suffer from any neurodegenerative or phsychiatric disorders. We do not claim that EVY LIGHT ® has any effect on Alzheimer’s disease, nor is the product approved for treatment of any other disease.

Using EVY LIGHT ® poses minimal risk of injury. The possible adverse reactions are relatively mild and temporary. If symptoms persist over an extended period of time or worsen up, stop using the device and make sure to contact a healthcare professional.