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Masked 40 Hz Light

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Non-invasive Brain Stimulation Technology

40 Hz Light Therapy

New research in Alzheimer’s disease mouse models shows that exposure to light pulsing at 40 Hz appears to boost the activity of the brain’s immune cells and slow down neurodegenerative diseases.

The therapy has also shown success in improving memory and could potentially be useful for treating conditions like anxiety and depression.

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Our Technology

Instead of using fatigue-inducing flickering light, Optoceutics has devised a unique, patent-protected method to stimulate the human visual receptors and processing cortex through alternating white lights of different wave lengths.

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Special Features


Our light flickers with mixed colours, such that the flashing becomes undetectable to the eye while still retaining the intended stimulus in the brain.


We use eye tracking data to measure, evaluate, and give you feedback on usage. This technology allows for unique insights into your behaviors and progress.


The lamps have a unique, functional and timeless design. All manufactured and designed in Denmark.

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Meet our founders, Mai Nguyen and Marcus S. Carstensen, and learn more about Optoceutics solutions.

40 Hz Masked Light

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