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What We Offer

OptoCeutics, an innovator in the field of light-based neuromodulation, has developed the most comfortable and versatile device available today. EVY LIGHT X is a fully-programmable system constituting the next step in OptoCeutics’ strategy to advance research and accelerate discoveries in the field of non-invasive brain stimulation. 

The EVY LIGHT X system allows users to control variables such as brightness, flicker frequency, and color composition, creating revolutionary opportunities in brain network modulation and filling an important void that will meet a multitude of research needs.

When implementing the EVY LIGHT X system, our team provides you with personal service throughout the duration of your study. This includes:

  • Training in the use of the device and the INSIGHT app
  • Customization of the device to fit your specific research needs
  • Usage/ eye-tracking data collection
  • Support with shaping your research protocol
  • Access to OptoCeutics research network (?)

Our Research

OptoCeutics strives to advance research in the clinical applications of light-based neuromodulation. We are currently investigating the effectiveness of our masked 40 Hz light in the treatment of AD, backed by important partnerships with institutions such as UC Berkeley, Roskilde University Hospital, and Technical University of Denmark.

Below you can see our current publications. The results of our pilot clinical trial will be added to the list in the coming month.

evy light x design
EVY Light Front Angle

Our Technology

OptoCeutics has developed a class I MDR 2017/745 regulatory approved medical device that utilizes a masked 40 Hz light. The technology is based on previous research showing that 40 Hz light stimulation not only reduces cognitive decline but also decreases plaque protein build-up (Amyloid-Beta) that are often observed in patients with dementia and Alzheimer’s disease (AD).

OptoCeutics’ unique technology masks the visual strobing of 40 Hz light by alternating between two different combinations of colors, so that the naturally occurring “flashing“ becomes virtually imperceptible by the user, whilst retaining the intended stimulus for the brain.

This eliminates the discomfort and alleviates the side effects often experienced with exposures to stroboscopic light, making it an ideal treatment device that can be easily implemented in clinical trials and research studies.

Discover How We Can Assist You

Optoceutics is committed helping you to get the most out of your study.

Not only do we provide you with the right devices, but we can also help shape your study protocol.


Class I medical devices calibrated precisely to 40 Hz or your desired frequency.


Improved comfort of use and general usability elements.


Monitor patient compliance, correct usage, and light dosage.


We can also be your partner in shaping a protocol study.

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