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Masked 40 Hz Light

- Calibrated exactly to 40 Hz

- Made of aluminum and oak

- CE-approved

- Price: DKK 9,950 / EUR 1,400 / USD 1,600 (incl. freight)*

*You only pay when we are ready to ship

Terms & Conditions

So far we only deliver in Denmark

We expect to be able to supply the devices during summer 2021

You have 60 days from reception of your order to cancel and return the device

If you are not satisfied, simply return the device, and we will refund your purchase

The purchase is covered by the Purchase Act

Optoceutics reserves the right to sort in orders and does not guarantee to be able to deliver the device at a specific time

When you place your order, you also agree to receive emails with updates about the status, development, and delivery of the device


Optoceutics does not claim that the light has any effect on Alzheimer’s disease, nor is the product approved for treatment of any other disease.

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