OptoCeutics (a combination of Optical & Pharmaceutics) was established in 2018 as a university spin-out based on a world patent from collaborative research at Danish Technical University (DTU) and University of California Berkeley (UCB).


We are advancing the field of

Meet Our CEO

Here’s the inside story of our passionate co-founder and CEO, Ngoc Mai Nguyen, and her entrepreneurial journey with OptoCeutics.

Watch this video to find how a group of scholars developed and patented a potential solution to neurodegenerative disease in record time.

Our Mission

OptoCeutics develops future solutions to brain health utilizing non-invasive light technologies with the aim of providing better therapeutics for patients and families.

Our Vision

With collective efforts from research, clinicians and patients, OptoCeutics works to create a world where mental illness is better understood, treated and ultimately prevented.


Our Goals

OptoCeutics solutions are developed to meet these three goals:

  • Patient-centric

    We engage in a dialogue with patients, their families and practitioners early in the development to be aligned with their needs and preferences.

  • Non-invasive

    We develop solutions that are comfortable, safe to use, and completely non-invasive.

  • Home-based Care

    The solution is to be used in the comfort of your own home. It is convenient and easily implementable in the everyday life.

Meet Our Team

Mai Nguyen


Mai, CEO of Optoceutics since 2018, is one of the founders and inventors of the masked 40 Hz light. She completed a PhD in Integrative Biology from the University of California, Berkeley.

Marcus S. Carstensen


Marcus is one of the founders of Optoceutics and has built the first prototype for the masked 40 Hz light. He is doing his PhD in Photonic Treatment of Alzheimer’s Disease at DTU Photonics Engineering, Denmark.

Jakob A. Hildebrandt

Sales, Marketing & Finance 

Jakob has spent 4 years developing and selling “biological effective light” for improved sleep and performance. He previously did a project for the national Danish Olympic team.

Gustavo Miguel Feijóo

Lead Electrical Engineer

Gustavo leads the hardware development. Among other things, he designs and builds the LED controller circuit board for precise control of the masked 40 Hz light.

Jeppe Sloth-Olsen

Medical Design Engineer

Jeppe is responsible for the design of the device and the user experience for both the device and software application. He has a long background within the design industry and app development.

Anders Bækhøj Larsen

Lead Developer

Anders is the Lead Developer on the light-control app, the eye-tracking software, and the database for usage statistics and clinical trials.

Kasper Pihl

Product Manager

Chris Cobarruvias

Int’l Business Development

Marco Taranta

Digital Marketing Coordinator

Luna Skytte

EEG Research Assistant

Mark Alexander Henney

Eye-tracking Software Developer

Christopher Ravn Boe Jensen

Software & AI Developer

Asger Laurtis

Software Development Assistant

Henrik Enggaard Hansen

Firmware Engineer

Henrik helped Marcus build the first prototypes of masked 40 Hz light. Now he builds the underlying firmware on the device which controls the masked 40 Hz light and all additional features.

Jonas L. Lyngfos

Regulatory Assistant

Martin Thorning

Photonics Researcher

Tjalfe Egholm Rude

Electonical Engineer Assistant

Manuela Gajardo Bohme

Clinical & User Involvement Strategist

Mikkel Danielsen

Software Development Assistant

Bianca Laura Hansen

EEG Assistant


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